Recycling and customizing natural feathers to create
luxury ornaments for haute couture fashion designers

About Us

Mum, Rosa, used to work and help in her parent’s small business of binding materials, but her dream was getting in the fashion industry in a creative position that was what she studied for. But she had to help her family… Dad was a sales and product manager in a big trading company, operating in several industries and was beginning to make some business in the fashion industry mainly with shoe manufacturers. In the meantime, the idea of starting their own business was spinning in their heads and as they were also worried for the future of their kids, finally in 1993 they took a step forward and QBDFASHION came to life by beginning to sell all kinds of trimmings.

Four (extremely difficult) years passed and mum had the idea of dyeing a bunch of feathers by herself because a customer had ordered a color that our supplier couldn’t ship on time. She called a friend of her that had some knowledge on dyes and gave her some directions and after a couple of days spent in the office, now-a-lab, kitchen and she achieved a more than acceptable color shade very close to the one desired by the customer. She didn't know that yet but that was the first in-house manufactured order! Then she tried with more and more feathers and some seasons later she was dyeing all the feathers in custom colors.

At that point, she realized that if QBDFASHION wanted to be different, she had to offer her customers a top level and a 360º customizable product and to reach that goal the whole manufacturing processes had to take place totally in-house. It was then when she focused all her efforts on that and even though that took a while, quite a few money, an ocean of tears, a ton of disappointments and a 1000 nights without sleep thanks to that and to a fantastic team of craftswomen with amazing skills, today in our factory-workshop we can say that QBDFASHION IS PROUD TO BE DIFFERENT.
A Woman's dream come true.

Give us the chance to show you what we are able to do with our feathers and let us manufacture something amazing especially for you.

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Vision, Mision & Values

Our Vision

At QBDFASHION we want to evolve towards a responsible and sustainable production model. We dream of changing the world and strive daily to achieve it (little by little).

Our Mission

We try to improve things every day with the idea of ​​becoming the world leader in the artisanal manufacture of high fashion ornaments through the recycling of natural feathers, the production of top quality items, through the use of materials biodegradable with low environmental impact, and applying traditional techniques. which generate a positive impact on society and the planet.

We strive to be a sustainable benchmark brand capable of meeting a commercial and social goal at the same time.

We like to think that we can inspire other brands and people on the path to sustainability, creating awareness and transforming the way we shop, think and live.

We want to show that companies are largely responsible for this change and that they can and must focus their actions to generate increasing positive impact through their corporate social responsibility.

Our Core Values

Manufacture a unique product for each customer.

Produce ONLY Premium quality styles.


Work with suppliers related to our values.


Seek at all times the total satisfaction of our customers.

100% production made in our factory.

Social commitment.

Passion in everything we do.

Our products made in Barcelona

These are the results of melting a noble product of natural origin such as feathers with some passion

Emu feathers fabric

Neckline made of goose and rooster feathers

Pheasant feathers fabric

Accessory made of ostrich feathers

Pheasant feathers fabric

Accessory made of ostrich feathers

Guinea Fowl feathers fabric

Ostrich feathers boa

Neckline made of goose feathers

Duck feathers fabric

Multicolor Ostrich feathers boa

Two-tone ostrich feathers fringe

Accessory made of multicolor ostrich feathers

Emu feathers boa

Emu & lace feathers fringe

Multicolor goose feathers fabric

Rooster feathers antenna fringe

Pheasant feathers fabric

Emu & Lace feathers fringe

Goose feathers boa

Marabou feathers fringe

Multi feathers fabric

Goose & rooster feathers fringe

Ostrich feathers fabric

Neckline made of goose & emu feathers

Two-tone ostrich feathers antenna fringe

Ostrich & Rooster feathers fringe

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Our customer's Creativity

We love to show what our customers do with our feathers!
We just customize them as they tell us, but they are who really do the magic to create amazing pieces.

Emu feathers top

Rooster feathers coat

Marabou feathers bolero

Multi feathers neckline

Ostrich feathers cardigan

Ostrich feathers t-shirt

Ostrich feathers gown

Ostrich mini-skirt

Ostrich feathers skirt

Ostrich feathers skirt

Ostrich feathers embroidery on gown

Ostrich feathers top

In order to be irreplaceable one must always be Different

-Coco Chanel-

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