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Feathers, the fashion essence.


QBDfashion is a family company based in Barcelona since 1993 that designs and manufacture worldwide all kind of products made with top quality natural feathers for the fashion industry and especially for high end women’s wear designers and manufacturers of bridal and evening dresses, shoes, bags, hats and shortly we will be able to launch our first lines for fabric and interior designers.

Our aim is helping our customers to develop exclusive and unique products to finish and give a distinctive touch to their creations.
We are specialist in ostrich and emu feathers as these are the most precious and beatiful and at the same time request to be worked by expert hands.

All our raw feathers are obtained in farms where birds are raised in respectful manners. We only purchase our feathers to farms that follow our statement of conduct towards the birds. At no time we use feathers from endangered especies or from birds slauthered or subject to any painful process for their feathers.

Being more specific, our crown jewel, the ostrich feather is harvested or obtained during the moulting seasons when birds, during their natural cycles of moulting twice a year, need to remove the old feathers for the new ones. It is then when qualified human hands help the birds in this phase. This process grants that birds will keep the warm and natural protection with no damage and that feathers are in perfect conditions.

Novelties & Classics
Feather Accessories.
Feather Boas.
Feather Fringes & Trimmings.
Feather fabrics.

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QBDfashion Barcelona
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