Feliç Diada de Sant Jordi! -Happy St. George's day-

The legend says that a fierce dragon was attacking the Kingdom.

Scared to death, the habitants established to offer every day two lambs to the monster to satisfy its hunger and prevent attacks on the villages. At a certain moment, there were no more animals left and people decided to feed the dragon with a lady. But one day it was the princess turn. Sadly, the Kings took her daughter to the dragon’s cave and when the monster was getting closer to the princess, a knight on a white horse suddenly appeared stabbing his sword in the beast's neck and killing it.

From the blood that flooded, a red rose was born. Jordi, the knight’s, cut the red rose and gave it to the princess.

In spring takes place one of the most original celebrations in Catalonia: Sant Jordi.

Sant Jordi, is the Catalan name of Saint George, and it is the patron of Catalonia.

It is a very traditional festivity that combines culture and romanticism. On April 23rd, according to tradition, couples exchange gifts: a book for the men and a rose for the women

Book and flower stalls are set up along the streets of all towns in Catalonia. Especially Barcelona is crowded of people walking around, looking for a gift for their beloved, family and friends, too.

You are be able to find the latest publications, meet well-known artists signing copies of their books, and of course, smell the scent of the roses.

[endif] If you ever have the chance to be in town for that day you will fall in love with our tradition!

A rose for love and a book forever.

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