A step forward in our sustainability goals!

For many years, reducing the environmental impact of the products used to treat our feathers, and specially the dyes, has been one of our main concerns.

For this reason and after several tests, we proudly announce that in a few weeks we will begin dyeing with natural dyes all our feathers.

Although the process of dyeing with natural dyes is slightly longer than with chemical dyes, the advantages are significant enough and ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.

Natural dyes entail:

-Energy saving of 35-40%

-Using 100% biodegradable detergents and auxiliary products involved in the process.

-Avoid using chemicals harmful to the environment necessary for waste water treatment.

-The water used can be poured directly into the sewer because it contains only components completely biodegradable.

-Lower ecological footprint of our activity.

Below you can find some examples of the colors achieved with natural dyes.

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