May 31, 2016

Our design team has been working on developing a technique to print using only natural pigments.

The result is a colorful print with a palette of different colors and shades. As color saturation is given by the natural pigment every single colored area is unique which m...

May 3, 2016

We proudly announce we have finished producing our first style 100% sustainable!



This trimming made with multicolor emu feathers, has been completely manufactured following a strict sustainable process.


Since the feathers were supplied by an audited and certified farm...

April 22, 2016


The legend says that a fierce dragon was attacking the Kingdom.

Scared to death, the habitants established to offer every day two lambs to the monster to satisfy its hunger and prevent attacks on the villages.
At a certain moment, there were no more animals left and pe...

April 14, 2016

For many years, reducing the environmental impact of the products used to treat our feathers, and specially the dyes,  has been one of our main concerns. 

For this reason and after several tests, we proudly announce that in a few weeks we...

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